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White wine

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Weißwein Welschriesling


Light yellow-green; elegant scent of lime; fresh and light on the palate; balanced finish.
Weißwein Weinviertel DAC Grüner Veltiner

Weinviertel DAC Grüner Veltliner

Light yellow-green; fine pineapple aroma, peppery note; juicy and spicy on the palate; balanced finish.
Weißwein Gemischter Satz

Gemischter Satz

Different grape varieties grown together in the vineyards - harvested together - and vinified together into one wine.
Weißwein Muskateller

Gelber Muskateller

Light yellow; intense aroma of elderflower; juicy mango fruit on the palate; balanced finish.
Weißwein Chardonnay


Light yellow; subtle scent of pears; elegant fullness on the palate; balanced finish.
Weißwein Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Light yellow-green; subtle scent of gooseberries; medium-bodied and delicately mineral on the palate; elegant finish.
Weißwein Grüner Veltiner Selection

Grüner Veltliner Selection

Light yellow; elegant scent of yellow apples, delicately peppery; multilayered on the palate with a fine acacia honey note; balanced finish.
Weißwein Riesling Selection

Riesling Selection

Light yellow; intense aroma of vineyard peaches; full-bodied and compact on the palate; balanced finish.
Rotwein Chardonnay Premium

Chardonnay Premium

Light golden yellow; noble scent of cookie, delicate roasted aromas; juicy pineapple fruit on the palate, opulent fullness; powerful finish.
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