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The vine estate of the Schwarz family is situated in Schrattenberg, one of the oldest and most important red wine producing towns in Austria. On an optimal terroir, primarily red wines of special quality are pressed here. However, fine white wines and elegant dessert wines are also vinificated. The foundation for the high wine quality is laid already in the vineyard. From pruning, leave cutting, thinning out of excess grapes to the correctly chosen harvest time, we constantly strive to achieve maximum quality. In the cellar, latest technology as well as traditional vinification methods preserve the quality of the harvested grapes. Depending on the type of wine, the wines are given sufficient time for maturing and development, which takes place either in stainless steel tanks, large wooden barrels or in small oak barrels, before the wine is filled into bottles.

Where once the "Iron Curtain" divided Europe, today cross-border tourism reigns. Here in Schrattenberg - the most important red wine-growing community in the eastern Weinviertel - the Schwarz family has been making wine for generations. The organic-biological cultivation of the vineyards and the careful accompaniment of the wines in the cellar are at the centre of their activities. Thus, year after year, very unique treasures are created in all categories: red, white, rosé, sweet and sparkling. During a personal visit to the Schwarz family winery, you will learn all the details about the wine philosophy of the house. Tip: Plan enough time, because the portfolio is extensive and the region is culturally and historically exciting.


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